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To Learn Something New...It Pays To Look At The Old!

With all the advances in technology, it still amazes me how many people are forgetting the basics when it comes down to understanding key principles of human interaction.

When I started my first job in territory sales with NCR, we had no email or Blackberry or cellphones. I made my quotas the old-fashioned way - I spoke to people! I knocked on doors, took the time to understand my customer's needs - and sold lots of stuff!

NCR trained us through their office in Dayton, Ohio. They had a great sales program, and we all graduated thinking that if we followed a few basic and proven principles, we would come out on top of the sales echelon. They emphasized old-fashioned principles such as hard work, persistence, honesty, follow up and planning. They told us to have faith and confidence in ourselves in that if we made a solid plan and stuck to it, the sales would come. And they did - in spades. I made the Century Points Club every year with NCR, and continued to set records in business development in future sales jobs.

In a fast-paced and often unforgiving world, it's not always the fastest and flashiest who win. It's often the person who shows the human touch who is able to break through the clutter and stand out as someone who truly cares. So next time, instead of text messaging - try the human approach. Drop in and see how someone is doing - or give them a call. The benefits might just last a lifetime.

What "old fashioned" values do you still believe in? Is it possible to succeed in today's fast paced world and still believe in these values?

NOTE: When I Googled NCR, the company description came up as "NCR is a global technology company leading how the world connects, interacts and transacts with business." Connection - interaction and transaction...the technology may have changed, but the principles sure haven't.


Martin Buuri Kaburia

I fully agree

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