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Having recently returned from a wonderful trip to New Orleans, I find myself thinking about the people and places I've seen. When it comes to enriching and engaging experiences, New Orleans serves it all up in a rich cacophony of sights, sounds, tastes and aromas.

From the unbridled craziness of Bourbon Street, to the secluded wings of the Royal Sonesta Hotel - to the historical and magnificent seclusion of the grand plantations - New Orleans offers visitors an experience like no other. What's even more appealing about the place is the sense of warm hospitality offered by the locals. In some areas, it's as if time stood still. Feel an urgency to check emails every hour? Not on Louisiana time. Feel like dancing in the streets? Go ahead. Everyone else is doing it.

Historically, New Orleans (or NOLA) is a mix of stories from a range of backgrounds and cultures as rich and diverse as their own Louisiana gumbo. Spanish, Creole, Cajun, French - they all blend together in a rich symphony of fun and excitement that is New Orleans. The place is pure poetry - enchanting, intriguing, mystifying, engaging and welcoming.

To those of you who have never experienced NOLA, I urge you to go there. As a brand, the city has given itself the tagline "It's New Orleans - You're Different Here." I would expand that even further to say "It's New Orleans - Things ARE Different Here."  If great brands tap into emotions, then NOLA has it all. Just one visit will leave you with a powerful connecting experience that begs you to go back and do more.

New Orleans doesn't have just one story to tell. It's power and resonance as a brand come from its ability to meld a hundred different stories into one glorious place. But don't just take it from me. Take a look at this video narrated by NOLA's own Kermit Ruffins - trumpeter, singer and composer extraordinaire. May your journey always take you back to NOLA.



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