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In a world where much of storytelling is one-dimensional, HBO has succeeded in combining technology, art and cinema to create new ways of experiencing story.

They've created a multi-dimensional story where it's up to the viewer to put the pieces together to envision the full picture. Within each "cube", there are different elements of a story happening at the same time. By zooming out, viewers are able to see other elements of the story each with their own unique perspective.

Each story "snippet" is in effect its own mini-drama, and the visual and sound quality is excellent.

By designing a story with multiple layers, HBO has succeeded in engaging viewers by:

1) Allowing them to get involved in deciding where the story is going next - this adds an element of "discovery" that can't help but keep viewers enthralled

2) Producing a motion-picture perfect visual and sound quality that draws them into the story's overall plot - this quality engages emotions and makes viewers feel as if they're part of the story

3) Providing a way of relating the story to the HBO brand - as their tagline says, the story promises to be "more than you imagined."

HBO's approach to story is just the beginning of what's to come as the concept of storytelling evolves to include more complex forms of new media. It makes me wonder what's next...multi-dimensional storytelling on our mobile phones...motion pictures that allow us to be part of the plot..I bet that somewhere in the world the future of storytelling is taking shape in ways that we can only imagine.

Where do you think the future of storytelling is headed?


Karen Hegmann

Hi Ginny

Thanks for your comment and welcome to the conversation. That's actually an interesting idea. I'm sure the technology exists somewhere to put this type of tool together. And you're right. A higher level, more integrative approach to corporate projects would surely make the sometimes arduous process go a lot more quickly and smoothly.


Hi Karen,

Wouldn't it be a real boost to corporate efficiency if the cube analogy could be used to present different aspects of a project or issue? Perhaps there would be less inter-departmental haggling and projects could get off the ground faster. Something to think about.

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