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When Did We Forget How to Dance?

Astaire_3 Watching Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dance is pure showmanship in motion. The talent, the moves, the passion for the art of dance are so intertwined that I get lost in the beauty of the moment. My mind wanders to a time when I too danced. As a child, every moment was filled with wonder. There was adventure and pure joy in the beauty of a butterfly, in riding my bike for the first time without help from anyone...and in the sound of the ice cream truck as it clanged down our street in the worst summer heat waves.

Back then, there were few troubles...and I grasped every moment that life had to offer me. In adulthood, we're thrown into roles and our days are met with increased responsibilities. While this is a natural part of growing up, why is that so many of us forget to dance once in a while?

In the "old school" business world, we were taught how to speak, act and dress for success. There was virtually no room for individual style. Times have changed a bit, and it seems the more unique you are - the better your chances of standing out. Yet still, so many are afraid to dance.

Just for today, laugh for no reason. Go break a rule or two. Don't be afraid to separate yourself from the pack. Watch an old Fred Astaire clip. Forget about what others may think. And don't forget to dance once in a while.

How many of you grew up in families who set expectations as to what you would do once you "grew up"? Do you ever feel as if you'd like to be a kid again? Under what circumstances? What do you do on days when you feel you need to dance again?


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