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Cougar Boots Relaunches Brand Story on a Canadian Icon

In the fashion world, it seems what's old is all of a sudden new again. The only difference is that now it commands a higher price.

Many of us will remember the infamous Cougar pillow boot that took the country by storm in 1976. Who didn't walk around school with these iconic boots? They were the supreme representation of cool - yet cooler if the tongue was left to dangle loosely (I remember even adding a red fluffy lumberjack coat, but I digress...)

Iconic brands are able to tell a story in a way that captivates consumers. Yet more than being able to tell an engaging story, great brands are able to tap into our emotions in a way that draws up warm memories. Cougar does this extremely well with its re-introduction of the famous Cougar pillow boot.

As you key into the Cougar website, a mesmerizing combination of both nostalgic and modern images draw you into the story. The kids are dressed the way WE used to dress in the winter. They are engaging in what those of us familiar with the brand used to do too...hang out on those old wooden style toboggans. Press noses against glass. Run around chasing your brothers and sisters. 

Adding to the sense of nostalgia is the music. The song sounds as if it's recorded in the 1920's or 30's and adds an element of warmth to the scene. One cannot help but be drawn into the film clip. All in all, the whole approach and presentation make me, as a consumer, WANT to learn more about the boot. Instead of being about just another winter boot, Cougar has presented the brand in a way that makes you feel as if you're reconnecting with a long lost friend.

Great advertising and great brands are able to tell a brand story in a way that makes consumers WANT to listen. The best brands are able to cut beneath the surface of our psyche and reach into something that we thought was long gone.

Can you think of other campaigns that follow a similar approach?