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Put Some Creativity Back Into Advertising - Tell Me A Story!!!

I don't know about you, but I don't see a lot of creativity in advertising these days. From car commercials, to fast food chains to the thriving fashion and beauty supply industries - it just doesn't seem that there's a lot of thought put into developing and presenting ad campaigns.

There are exceptions. Products or services that use social media to gain attention in ways far more economical than buying up traditional ad space. Think of the Old Spice guy. There's also that annoying yet loveable gekko in the Geico ads that inserts a little humour into a rather dry topic. Dry topic, yes. But I remember the brand.

So - what's up? Are clients just too scared to part with their limited ad budgets? (it doesn't cost a whole heck of a lot to develop an effective social media campaign) Are ad agencies spending time and effort to come up with the next creative idea - or have they surrendered to the mercy of their clients advertising perceptions and budgets?

Something has to give. Because as the world's media converges even more technological elements into one coherent whole, audiences are going to be looking elsewhere for entertainment. If ads are dry and boring, what's the motivation to buy a product or service?

Look at the car industry. Don't give me a long list of features and benefits, because I don't care. Don't show me how the family packs a zillion things into their minivan for their annual road trip. Boring. Too obvious. Tell me a story. Show me how they use the car in specific situations. Tell me how they just made Grandma Kettle's Thanksgiving dinner one year because the OnStar guy was able to send someone to fix their flat tire. Show me the look on their faces..before and after the call was made. Show me the world as I see a place full of human emotion...filled with good things, as well as disappointments. Give me some context so I can connect with your product. Tell me a story, and you'll win yourself a customer.