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Consumer Giant Unilever Unites Filmmakers With Global Brands

Unilever In an effort to integrate consumer generated content into its marketing and branding efforts, global powerhouse Unilever has partnered with MOFILM to announce the "Unilever Consumer Creative Challenge."

MOFILM is a pioneer in mobile entertainment and represents a global community of filmmakers and content creators. Market leaders in the area of mobile content, they have worked with industry legends such as Robert Redford, Kevin Spacey and Isabella Rossellini.

The competition involves 13 of Unilever's key brands and encourages content creators to submit advertisements for one of these brands. Five winners for each brand will be chosen, along with an overall grand prize winner who will pocket a cool $10,900.

Babs Rangaiah, VP of Global Communications Planning for Unilever, says that winning content will be integrated into Unilever's online and/or TV brand marketing. So...what's so cool about this competition?

1) It's participatory in nature and takes advantage of the interactive capability of the internet

2) Unilever realizes that the best ad campaigns come from stories about how consumers interact with their brands

3) The company is taking an innovative approach to connect with consumers and their brands

4) The campaign will be entirely trackable and results will be used to further develop brand attributes

5) Exposure in terms of cash, cool gifts and worldwide recognition is extremely high for the competitors - I suspect that more than one career will be launched through this competition

Congratulations Unilever for realizing the significance of consumer generated content and that film is a powerful way of conveying a brand message.

Do you see the power of film being an important way to tell a brand story? What do you think of Unilever's competition and approach?


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