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Short Film By Becel Showcases The Heart Truth

Becel-logoAs a founding sponsor of the Heart and Stroke Foundation's The Heart Truth campaign, Becel has developed a two minute short film entitled "The Heart" to showcase the importance of heart health and disease prevention in women.

The film was developed in association with CTV and Bravo!FACT and first appeared during the March broadcast of the Academy Awards.

Kudos to Becel/Unilever for having the foresight and creativity to use film and storytelling techniques to get their message across. The film highlights key moments in a woman's life that tend to involve strong elements of emotional impact.

While it could be argued that some of these moments are rather stereotypical of women (why couldn't they include a mother cheering for a daughter while scoring the winning goal in a hockey game?), as an advertising campaign and storytelling vehicle the film is effective for many reasons:

  1. The imagery has a way of connecting with the audience at an emotional level
  2. Music is used to tie the whole story/message together
  3. Social media is used enabling the audience to take the message viral - the conversation is always moving forward 
  4. The use of film ensures that the message is clear and compelling - it's easy to remember long after the film is over
  5. The film is tied into Becel's overall "Love Your Heart" campaign giving women access to more information posted on the website 

The use of film to promote your brand message is a very effective and compelling advertising technique. Films give advertisers the ability to connect with audiences on both a rational and emotional level. It's the ability to connect at the emotional level that separates the best brand storytellers - from the rest.

Can you think of any other films that were effective in promoting a brand story?