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Footwear and outdoor clothing company Timberland has come up with an innovative new ad campaign that integrates TV, social media, mobile and on-site experiential marketing.

The TV ad known as the "Bait" commercial (originally launched in the UK and now in the US) features a rather outdoorsy looking runner being chased by a huge bear, wild boars and a wolf pack. The music is fast paced and draws the viewer in through use of its compelling cinematic elements. At the end of the clip, the tagline warns viewers that "If you're not fast, you're food."

What's cool about this campaign (besides the TV ad) is that Timberland recognized the need for a multi-faceted approach to advertising through several kinds of media. There are iPhone and Blackberry applications, videos, sidewalk graffiti - and a subway station "takeover" in Cambridge, Mass. not far from their head office.

According to Theresa Palermo, Senior Director of Marketing at Timberland North America, the purpose of the program is to "engage millenial customers online, on their phones and out in major cities around the world."

Kudos to Timberland for using integrated marketing techniques and a compelling and hip cinematic approach to interest potential customers in their new products.

What do you think of the Timberland campaign? Which element do you think will be the most effective - TV, mobile, on-site apps or social media? 


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