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While downing my cereal this morning, I was surprised to see a replay of the old 1985 Heinz ketchup commercial. Played to the tune of Cole Porter's "You're the Top", the commercial shows why Heinz ketchup is still the King of the condiment aisle.

The ad made me stop in my tracks and, for a moment, I was able to leave the world behind and relive my fond childhood memories of family dinners and BBQ's.

Heinz ketchup is a brand that has been able to reach and maintain iconic status. When I eat french fries, hot dogs or hamburgers...I don't just reach for any ketchup. I reach for Heinz.

The brand is celebrating 100 years of success in Canada, and is on the hunt for the fan of the century. Ketchup lovers are invited to submit stories online of why they think they qualify as the fan of the century. Fun facts and the chance to win instant prizes are also part of the contest website.

What is it about Heinz ketchup that helps it achieve such iconic status?

1) It's a great product. No matter where you go in the world, if they serve you Heinz ketchup you know it will have the same great taste

2) The brand tells a story. It brings back fond memories of family BBQ's, of the culture from which we come...of community events surrounded in good fun and well-being. Heinz has capitalized on the ability of its brand story to transport us to a different place and time

3) It has set the standard for quality in the market. I refuse to buy any other ketchup than Heinz

4) The ability to keep up with the times through an effective combination of music, advertising and technology. The ads are entertaining, and the company combines print and interactive campaigns in rather innovative ways

What are your memories of Heinz ketchup? What else has Heinz done to make it such an iconic brand? What stories do you relive by using Heinz ketchup?


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