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We've come a long way fellow bloggers. Once dismissed as mere renegades of the internet, bloggers are now taking their rightful place in the high profile political arena.

The Democratic National Convention in Denver catered to bloggers in a way that is normally reserved for journalists. The "Blogger Lounge" offered free massages, smoothies and leather couches with pillows.

In the world of social media, bloggers wield incredible power and have the ability to sway public opinion. This hasn't gone unnoticed by the political powers that be, and media savvy politicians are taking steps to invite bloggers into the conversation.

Mark Nickolas, editor of politicalbase.com, says that "blogs are a hybrid of journalism, editorial writing and talk shows." The official website for the Democratic National Convention features its own blog with video clips and opinions posted by various bloggers.

It's a great feeling to know that blogging and bloggers are gaining the respect they deserve. In a world that's often skeptical of what comes out of the mouths of politicians, blogs are an effective way to put opinion into perspective (something Canadian politicians could learn to do better if they're interested in swaying public opinion).

Word of mouth has now become interactive, and in some ways there's more truth in what's written on the page than what's seen on the mainstream stage of network television.

How have blogs and bloggers swayed political opinion in your area? What do you think of "Bloggers Lounges" - is it an idea whose time has come, or are we allowing too much room for opinion, in a way that could eventually backfire on the politicians who allow it?

(Oh - and by the way, the folks at the 2008 DNCC encourage bloggers to use the official logo as a way to spread the word - so the use of the posted logo for this purpose is officially sanctioned!)


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