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Holiday Ads Bring Back Memories of Christmas Past

Tree_2There's nothing like the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the holiday season to bring back memories of Christmas. As a child, I cherished Christmas as a time of wonder, enjoyment and sheer delight. Every Christmas had its own unique story - a story that continues to play itself out as I continue my journey through adulthood.

Well-crafted holiday advertising has the ability to capture these fond emotional memories, and tie them into a brand. Here are the taglines from some holiday ads that evoke the spirit and story of the Christmas season.

1) Westin Hotels and Resorts - "Morning Stretch"..."Spread your wings at" (with photo of a snow angel)

2) Jackson-Triggs Wine - "Those who say there aren't enough hours in the day must be going to bed too early"..."Life's greatest moments happen at night. That's why it's the perfect time to enjoy Jackson-Triggs and create some new beginnings at the end of the day."..."Bring on the night" (product shown beside a photo of a city skyline at night)

3) Cote d'Or Chocolate - "The first bite is the most intense until the second" (with mouthwatering photo of a Cote d'Or dark chocolate bar)

4) Kitchen Aid - "If there's one place where memories live, it's here"..."Wonder, love, hope and joy all stay with you here, the one room in the house where life happens" (for regular blog readers, you may have remembered my post on this ad on November 20)

5) Eastern Townships Travel Ad -  "Austria? Eastern Townships!"..."Only 45 minutes from Montreal!" (with winter scene equivalent of the photo below)


The sights, sounds, tastes and smells take me back to a time when Christmas meant fun, food and family. To this day, it isn't Christmas until I've had my first slice of a Maroc clementine, first sniff of the scented pine boughs of a Christmas tree fresh from the lot, and first bite into my Mom's old family German Christmas cookie recipe. As I get older, I'll continue to invent some new traditions, but the old memories of Christmas past are there to serve as a reminder that some things in life never change amidst the uncertainties of life.


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