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KitchenAid Ad Campaign Stirs Up Story Of Holiday Memories

ChristmastreesfrontKitchenAid has launched an interesting print campaign that is an ode to their legendary stand mixer line. The non-colour ad was meant to evoke memories of our past and current experiences in the family kitchen. It features a young girl who has somehow managed to dig into the proverbial cookie dough bowl.

She's licking her fingers, and the expression on her face is a rather non chalant version of "Who, me?" (yeah,we've all been there).

What's interesting about this ad is the way the visuals and copy are meant to evoke our earliest experiences of life in the kitchen. The story of baking cookies with our Mom or grandmother is timeless, and something that invites fond memories and recollections in most of us to this very day.

The copy reads:

"If there's one place where memories live, it's here. We understand that the kitchen is about more than food. It's where you can still taste your first cake, smell your Mom's apple pie, feel the warmth of home.

Wonder, love, hope and joy all stay with you here, the one room in the house where life happens."

Now that's pretty powerful stuff. The best stories are timeless. They take us back to a certain place and time by playing on our emotions and senses. Who can't think back and remember the feelings of comfort when the first waft of fresh baked apple pie drifted through the kitchen?

Stories connect people to brands through a powerful and emotional connecting experience. Every time you bake a batch of cookies, you're not just making something to eat. As the copy in the ad tells us, when you use KitchenAid, "it's easy for you to make a big batch of new memories."

What other brands provide powerful connecting experiences through the holidays? What brands do you think of when you think of Christmas - or any other religious holiday?


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