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Canon Canada Launches Campaign to Highlight Human Side of Technology

Canon_2Canon Canada has launched an innovative new print campaign called "Tell Your Story," which focuses on how the company's home and business products are being used by everyday Canadians.

The campaign features two print ads that use a series of photographs to tell a story. One ad highlights the highly successful story of Canada's The Running Room, while the other features a boy's first experience with a snowball. Future ads are now in the design and development phase.

In an article posted in the October 26 issue of Marketing Daily, Wayne Doyle, Senior Manager Corporate Communications for Canon Canada, is quoted as saying, "A lot of people equate technology companies with the technology they make. They tend to forget that the other side of the technology coin is the human component... Humans use these products to tell their stories, so we thought this campaign was a great way to build that bridge for people.”

The company plans to launch a microsite next year where consumers can tell their own stories by downloading photos to the web. Products and prizes will be awarded every month to consumers whose stories garner the most votes for "Story of the Month."

Valeria Maltoni, in a recent post on her blog Conversation Agent, looked at the implications between story and technology while shopping in an Apple store. She said that the consumer connection happens before people even set foot in the store - it happens "as people's stories come alive in their imagination thanks to Apple products." According to Maltoni, the staff was there to assist you in completing your story, not to tell you theirs.

The relationship between technology and its human component is a strong one, and an area that promises to be of increasing interest to marketers in the future. Competition for technology is fierce, and companies who relate to consumers on a human level will create a better bond with their markets.

What experiences have you had while using technology? Do you think that by emphasizing the human component, companies will be able to better differentiate themselves and establish deeper relationships with the customer? Does storytelling have a place in consumer product marketing - why or why not?


Karen Hegmann

Thanks for your comment Valeria. Your positive experience with Canon means that it is the right story for you.

I like your point about "mass" stories, versus more personal conversations.

To engage a consumer through story, companies have to ensure that they are participants in the conversation and are able to affect people on both a rational and emotional level.

Your experience with Canon is very personal, as you would rather wait for the right fit with your story, then buy something that costs even less.

That's something even the best market research cannot buy. The ability to affect people at this level.

Valeria Maltoni

I like Canon a lot. I bought a Canon digital camera not long ago and now a printer. I find that I tend to shy away from "mass" stories to more personal conversations with products all the time. Given the choice, I will wait for the right fit with my story vs. purchase something that may even cost less.

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