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October 29, 2007


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Valeria Maltoni

I like Canon a lot. I bought a Canon digital camera not long ago and now a printer. I find that I tend to shy away from "mass" stories to more personal conversations with products all the time. Given the choice, I will wait for the right fit with my story vs. purchase something that may even cost less.

Karen Hegmann

Thanks for your comment Valeria. Your positive experience with Canon means that it is the right story for you.

I like your point about "mass" stories, versus more personal conversations.

To engage a consumer through story, companies have to ensure that they are participants in the conversation and are able to affect people on both a rational and emotional level.

Your experience with Canon is very personal, as you would rather wait for the right fit with your story, then buy something that costs even less.

That's something even the best market research cannot buy. The ability to affect people at this level.

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