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Human-Centered Design and the Nokia Experience

David Armano is VP of Experience Design with Critical Mass, and recently posted a comment entitled "Apple + Nokia" on his blog Logic + Emotion regarding the Nokia brand. The post contains a slideshow developed by the innovative people at Nokia entitled "Brand and Design Priorities: A very human story."

It seems that Nokia is a perfect example of how to blend innovative product design, customer experience and emotional branding. In the 2006 ranking of Best Global Brands by Interbrand, Nokia ranked #6 in brand value. That's no small feat.

Perhaps one reason for Nokia's success is their ability to blend technology with human-centered design. In the slideshow, the brand is presented as being:"Expressive. Human. Storied. Emotional and Consistent." Their ultimate goal is to create products that people "fall in love with", and to design "simply beautiful objects that simply work." As a result, Nokia has won consumer hearts by a 4:1 margin.

Bernd Schmitt would probably agree. In his book entitled "Experiential Marketing", Schmitt cites Frank Nuovo, VP of design for Nokia as saying "Technology itself is rather cold. But if you know how to use it, then it will be more intuitive and more human. And when you look at a product more as a person, instead of as an object, and you actually start to interact with it as such, it starts to take on its own personality."

Cognitive scientist and executive consultant Donald Norman shares similar views. In his book Emotional Design (Why we love or hate everyday things), Norman stresses the importance of emotion in product design, and encourages business to look at emotion as an essential element of the decision-making process.

Technology and human-centered design. A proven formula for connecting with consumers hearts and minds.


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