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Harry Potter and the Future of Business

In a recent post entitled "Heroes of the Future: we ARE Harry Potter", Fast Company blogger and Conversation Agent Valeria Maltoni uses Harry Potter as an example of how we use stories to process information and make sense of the reality around us.

Valeria's thoughts can be applied to the business world as well.

When we get tired of processing the vast amount of information around us, we use stories to help us understand what's going on. We also use stories as a way of predicting what the future might hold, based on the outcome of past events, our culture, and our interpretation of the actions of people around us.

Harry Potter's journey is not unlike that of many people in the corporate world. There are heros, and villains...opportunities, threats and challenges coming from both inside and outside of the company. In some cases, Potter is even threatened by incidents in his past that might hurt his current situation.

Through use of story, companies might get a better idea as to where they've been - and where they're going. World-class companies and brands are able to cut through marketing clutter by delivering a message that is engaging, persuasive - and able to affect customers at an emotional level.

As long as there are human beings involved in the business world, there is room for incorporating story into business strategy. In the future, a company's true assets, will be its Narrative Assets.


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Nice comparison. Great insights.

Karen Hegmann

Hi Valeria

Thanks very much for your comments. I'll definitely check out your post with Gerry Lantz.

As for RSS, I'm still navigating through my options so I hope to offer it soon. I'll let you know when everything is up and running.
Thanks again.

Valeria Maltoni


I am in awe -- a graduate of Bob McKee's program.

If you've just found my site, you might be interested in the conversation I had with Gerry Lantz on Brand Stories that Work [on the sidebar]. Do look him up, his business is entirely based on stories.

I love how you've taken my post and simplified the lesson here. And thank you for making yourself known. I am bookmarking your blog. Do you offer RSS?

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